Parents Info


Our Centre has a number of policies and procedures which assist us to govern, manage and operate our service effectively. We encourage parents/ Whānau to familiarise yourself with this documentation which includes the Centre’s regulations, policies, and the Education Review Office report, at any time.  Most of this information is displayed on the parent /Whānau notice board. However, if you would like to view any un-displayed information the staff would be happy to source this for you. For your reference, please also take note of our inquiries, concerns and complaints policy. We update our policies and procedures regularly.  When there is a new policy it will be placed beside the sign in sheet for you to view and sign once you have read it.                     

Prior to Starting

We encourage you to come in with your child for regular visits prior to your child’s first day especially in the two weeks prior. We recommend a minimum of 3x 1 hour visits to ensure your child becomes familiar with their new environment and their key teacher.  If your child will be in our infant & toddler room they will be allocated a key caregiver.

Please name all of your child’s belongings including clothing, hats, shoes and comfort items for sleeping.


Building Relationships

Starting in childcare is a significant step in your child’s development. We understand that settling your child into a new environment is not something that happens instantly; it takes time and quality interactions between family, child and teachers to grow into a secure partnership that meets everyone’s needs. The Forest room teachers are here to support you during this process.

Relationships take time to form and flourish.  It is our aim for all of our teachers to build trusting relationships and work in partnership with your family and your child.  Initially your child will be allocated a key teacher who will support them to settle in, helping to develop your child’s sense of belonging in their new environment.  They are responsible for getting to know your family and your child.  Together we will get to celebrate the achievements and growth of your child.

Meal Times

Meal times will be a peaceful and unhurried experience for children.  Children will be invited to eat from their lunch boxes within the following times, and will collect their lunch box from the lunchbox shelf.

Morning Tea: 9.45 – 10.30
Lunch: 11.30 – 12.30
Afternoon Tea: 3.00 onwards


During meal times the children will be encouraged to develop their independence towards managing themselves as they gather their own lunch and drink, choose their place at the table, put away their own rubbish, and then put their lunch box back on the lunchbox shelf.


If they are able to sit unsupported then they will sit at one of our low kidney shaped tables otherwise they will sit on a teacher’s knee to eat. Your child will need a packed lunch from home to last them for their time each day with us. If your child has a bottle then you will need to bring this in with enough milk powder/breast milk to last them for their day.


Water and drinking glasses will be available for children to access throughout the day.

We have a healthy eating policy, and children will be encouraged to make a healthy choice as their first option when choosing from their lunch box.

Sleep Times



Our spacious sleep room is a quiet and calm space where the children sleep on stretchers.  It is well ventilated and a heating and cooling unit allows the room to stay at a cosy temperature.  Children are welcome to bring in their dummy, special toy or blanket to sleep with.  Teachers will stay in the sleep room if needed until children fall asleep.  Individual sleep routines will be discussed on enrollment.


Our spacious sleep room can accommodate ten children in bunk style cots and stretchers are available for older children transitioning into beds. Bottles, special toys or blankets are welcomed and children are able to sit on the couch and drink their bottle before going to bed. Teachers will stay in the sleep room if needed until they fall asleep.


We celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, national events and community happenings. Feel free to bring along a birthday cake. If you do not wish for your child to celebrate or participate in such celebrations please let staff know and they will provide an alternative that you are happy with.


We would love donations of things usable in art and creativity.

Preschool Program

Going to primary school can be an emotional time for children and their families where they experience lots of different feelings.  Our program aims to develop a positive attitude towards learning, prepare children so they experience a successful transition to school, and support in building positive relationships between children, parents and our local schools.  The program will be will focus on:

  • Promoting self-management skills such as independence, taking care of themselves and their belongings, and knowing where to go for help
  • Providing children with many opportunities to support their language development as they talk about their experiences and interests
  • Early writing skills, including a child recognising and writing their own name
  • Early reading skills, awareness of letters and promote reading as an enjoyable and interesting activity
  • Early maths skills through activities such as construction, baking, counting, music, art, and exploring our environment
  • Learning strategies to deal with social conflict
  • Providing experiences which promote the skills to be patient, persevere, and work alongside others
  • Supporting school visits and helping the children get to know the school environment

Children will experience this program without formal instruction, through their own play and learning experiences.