Going to primary school can be an emotional time for children and their families where they experience lots of different feelings.  Our program aims to develop a positive attitude towards learning, prepare children so they experience a successful transition to school, and support in building positive relationships between children, parents and our local schools.  The program will be will focus on:

  • Promoting self-management skills such as independence, taking care of themselves and their belongings, and knowing where to go for help
  • Providing children with many opportunities to support their language development as they talk about their experiences and interests
  • Early writing skills, including a child recognising and writing their own name
  • Early reading skills, awareness of letters and promote reading as an enjoyable and interesting activity
  • Early maths skills through activities such as construction, baking, counting, music, art, and exploring our environment
  • Learning strategies to deal with social conflict
  • Providing experiences which promote the skills to be patient, persevere, and work alongside others
  • Supporting school visits and helping the children get to know the school environment

Children will experience this program without formal instruction, through their own play and learning experiences.