The Forest Room

At Owlets Forest we value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning.  We recognise that each child is unique and develops at their own pace. Our centre encompasses many differing cultures and we work hard to provide an inclusive environment for all whānau to experience and feel at home in.

Partnerships with families provide us with invaluable information relating to cultural backgrounds and heritage. Teachers strive to build relationships with families based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of the child. Partnerships with families are developed through daily discussion, newsletters and meetings. Owlets Forest’s open door policy aims to facilitate an open flow of communication while maintaining confidentiality and respect of the privacy and wishes of each family, resulting in the highest levels of service.

We nurture children’s well-being through encouraging healthy and nutritious eating and sustainability.

We provide a natural outside play environment where children learn the importance of protecting and nurturing pāpatuanuku through taking care of our vegetables and looking after our gardens. We love nothing more than getting outside and delving into nature! This is a great way to let the child lead the way.

Te Whariki, our early childhood curriculum is embedded into our holistic approach and we uphold the curriculums vision “that children are competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”

Our programme takes a child-led approach to learning which means children take responsibility for deciding what to learn. Children are given a free range to engage with materials they wish to choose. Teachers work to support children, including providing resources, praise, encouragement, feedback and the environment children need to make progress and achieve their goals.

Experiences at Owlets Forest afford children the opportunity to develop an abundance of skills in exploration, self discovery, social interactions and problem solving among others, in the overall attempt to set children up for success.