The Nest Room

The Nest is a room dedicated to providing quality care and education for children up to the age of around two years old. Our passionate team of qualified teachers will work with you to tie in your child’s routine while at home into their day while with us.

The Nest provides a warm and calm environment for children to explore at their own pace. Our Teachers are nurturing and will build relationships focusing on the utmost respect for each and every child and their family.

This respectful approach is supported by our key caregiving system which ensures two teachers within the environment are committed to building a close trusting relationship with each child and their family. This creates consistent communication with families on a daily basis and a secure base for children spending time away from their family during the day. Our whole-team approach to key caregiving ensures that all teachers form loving and respectful relationships with children.

We have created a peaceful environment which allows children to discover as much as possible on their own with the support of familiar and consistent teachers. We have age-appropriate equipment that will challenge infants and toddlers during their time with us. Our environment has been specifically designed to create an easy indoor/outdoor flow where crawlers/walkers can decide on where they want to be. Our outdoor environment provides different textures for children to explore, hiding places and lots of natural gardens.

Each child will have their own profile book that their teacher will add stories to, about their interests and development. Our programme is designed to focus on each child’s interests and strengths, while at home and at the centre.