Transitioning with Owlets on Kennedy

Here at Owlets on Kennedy we pride ourselves in our relationship with Putaruru Primary. On a Tuesday we have school visits where our eldest Tamariki are given the first opportunity to interact in a school environment. They meet the new entrant teachers at Putaruru Primary school as we visit each class throughout the term. Here our Tamariki get to take part in class activities with school children learning about the school environment and how the classes work. They often get to pair up with primary school children to complete activities and take part in mat times. The children are exposed to reading, counting and writing. They learn to interact with new friends and are reassured that fun is still had at primary school. Regardless of where your child is attending we believe the process helps to calm the anxiety most children have when starting their new journey at a Primary School. It helps them to experience the environment regularly once a week before they make the transition.

Putaruru Primary Jumpstart

Putaruru Primary offers a great jumpstart programme for children enrolling at their school, here at Owlets on Kennedy we are passionate about children receiving a positive transition experience and as we are located across from Putaruru Primary that allows us to accommodate our parents and tamariki when they are attending jumpstart.

Jumpstart starts at 2.00pm and finishes 3.00pm Wednesday afternoons unless parents are told otherwise by the school. One of our staff members with your permission can facilitate signing out your child and dropping your child to Jumpstart at the Primary School at 2.00pm on a Wednesday, however it is your responsibility as the parent to collect your child from Putaruru Primary at the end of the jumpstart class at 3.00pm. If you are unable to collect your child arrangements need to be made to have your child collected. We are open to 3.30pm so parents are welcome to arrange to have children dropped back to the centre however we ask you communicate with us, so we are aware of your child’s return to our centre that day.

Owlets on Kennedy will document children’s start, attending and finishing dates to keep a record of children being dropped off at Putaruru Primary for the Jumpstart Programme. Parents will be asked to sign a permission slip for their child to ensure they understand and agree with the support we provide.