Transitioning from The Nest room to the Forest room


This process will begin any time from a couple of months prior to your child turning two until a couple of months before they reach two and half depending on when your child is ready to transition over. Your child’s key teachers will be the ones taking your child for short visits (to begin with) over to the Forest room. They will meet their new key teacher who will help them to settle into the Forest room and once your child feels comfortable their new key teacher will be the one who takes them for any future visits. The number of visits will depend purely on how comfortable your child feels and how they respond to their new environment. These visits will become longer as your child is ready. Parents are more than welcome to be part of this process and join your child on their visits.

Once your child is ready to start full time in the Forest room, we will have a happy last day celebration for them in the Nest room and their first official day in the Forest room will commence the following day.